Green Walks in England South-east (south-east)

This area comprises that part of the region within the CT, DA and ME postcode areas within the region: essentially, the Thames estuary and the eastern peninsula.

Neighbouring regions are

Note also some of the most convenient hubs for multi-day walking on different routes.


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Darent Valley Path

Length <60km
Max transport gap <10km

A 31km walk in the Darent Valley between Sevenoaks (or Chipstead) and the River Thames.

Image: The path north of Shoreham

Elham Valley Way

Length <60km
Max transport gap <20km

A 36km walk between Canterbury and Hythe.

Get out of London:
East to Gravesend

Length <60km
Max transport gap <20km

A 52km route from Trafalgar Square to Gravesend via Greenwich and Joyden’s Wood.

Image: Salter memorial, Southwark

Get out of London:
South-east to Sevenoaks

Length >60km
Max transport gap <20km

A 51km walk from Trafalgar Square to Sevenoaks via Chislehurst and either Knockholt Pound or Otford.

Image: One Tree Hill, Honor Oak Park

London Loop

Length >60km
Max transport gap <20km

A 277km circuit of the capital which follows close to the outer boundaries of the London boroughs, sometimes extending into neighbouring areas.

Image: Ingrebourne Valley Country Park

London Summits Walk

Length >60km
Max transport gap <20km

A 320km circuit taking in the highest point in each London borough (plus the summit of the City of London).

Image: Trent Park

Medway Valley Walk

Length <60km
Max transport gap <20km

A 45km walk between Tonbridge and Rochester, following the course of the River Medway.

North Downs Way

Length >60km
Max transport gap <20km

A walk of 201km between Farnham and Dover.

Image: Kit’s Coty House

Royal Military Canal Path

Length <60km
Max transport gap <20km

A 45km walk alongside the Royal Military Canal between Hythe and Rye.

Saxon Shore Way

Length >60km
Max transport gap <20km

A 258km waymarked walk along the Saxon-era shoreline of Kent (that is to say, when Thanet was still an island) between Gravesend and Hastings.

Image: light vessel berthed at Gravesend

Stour Valley Way (Kent)

Length >60km
Max transport gap <20km

A 93km walk between Lenham and Pegswell Bay, following the River Stour through Kent.

Red Lion Inn, Chalton, on a sunny morning

Sussex Border Path

Length >60km
Max transport gap >20km

A 224km route between Thorney Island and Rye, following the inland boundary of West Sussex and East Sussex with their respective authorities to the north.

Image: the Red Lion, Chalton


Length >60km
Max transport gap <20km

This 133km walk links Gravesend with Eastbourne via Tonbridge, crossing the High Weald and touching the South Downs on the way.


Some places lend themselves to being hubs, where you may pitch up for a few days’ car-free walking, fanning out on a different route (or part of a route) each day. The hub becomes a walking-place for recreation at walking pace. Hubs in this area include

CanterburyCanterbury is the hub for the east central part of the area; its public transport tentacles cover most of Thanet as well.
DoverDover is the hub for the south coastal part of this area.
GravesendGravesend is the hub for the north-west of the area.
MaidstoneMaidstone is the hub for the west central part of the area.
MargateMargate (or one of the other Thanet towns) serves as a hub for Thanet and the nearby coast.

Guided and group walks

Saturday Walking Club

This online-driven group has been well established in the London area for some years, but the reach of their walks goes far beyond the M25. Their walks are all free (the word “club” may be a bit misleading) and there are walks on other days of the week. You may download a route from their extensive catalogue to enable you to walk on your own — you are expected to carry your own copy of the route-map if you join a group walk.

Image: Sheffield Park

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