Green Walks in England: Yorkshire and Humberside (east)

This area contains that part of the Yorkshire and Humberside region which falls to the east of the East Coast Main Line.

Neighbouring regions and areas are

Note also some of the most convenient hubs for multi-day walking on different routes.


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Centenary Way (North Yorkshire)

Length >60km
Max transport gap <20km

A walk of 132km between York and Filey.

Cinder Track

Length <60km
Max transport gap <20km

A 34km railbed walk between Scarborough and Whitby.

Cleveland Way

Length >60km
Max transport gap <20km

A walk of 177km between Helmsley and Filey Brigg.

Don Valley Way

Length <60km
Max transport gap <10km

This 50km path follows the River Don from Doncaster to Hillsborough in Sheffield.

Ebor Way

Length >60km
Max transport gap <20km

A walk of 112km between Helmsley and Ilkley via York (Eboracum).

Foss Walk

Length <60km
Max transport gap <20km

A 45km walk between the source of the River Foss at Easingwold and its foot at York.

South Yorkshire Way (Boundary)

Length >60km
Max transport gap > 30km

A 279km walk encircling South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire Way (Central)

Length >60km
Max transport gap <20km

A walk of 158km between Thorne (near the North station) and the station at Dore and Totley.

Transpennine Trail

Length >60km
Max transport gap <20km

A 346km walk between Southport and Hornsea.

Viking Way

Length >60km
Max transport gap >20km

A 236km walk between Barton-upon-Humber and Oakham.

Yorkshire Wolds Way

Length >60km
Max transport gap <20km

A walk of 134km between Hessle and Filey Brigg.


Some places lend themselves to being hubs, where you may pitch up for a few days’ car-free walking, fanning out on a different route (or part of a route) each day. The hub becomes a walking-place for recreation at walking pace. Hubs in this area include

DoncasterDoncaster is an important hub in the south of the area, with good public transport links in all directions. It also links to the area west of the railway.
GrimsbyGrimsby is a good local hub for the south shore of the Humber.
HullHull is a key hub for the south-east of the area (on both sides of the Humber).
NorthallertonNorthallerton is the obvious hub for the north-west of the area: it also offers links to the west.
ScarboroughScarborough is the natural hub for the coast, the south-eastern half of the North York Moors, and for the northern part of the Wolds.
YorkYork is an important hub for the north of the area, with public transport links throughout.

Guided and group walks

York Ramblers

Regular walks of up to 20km are organised for weekend days using public transport (rail and bus) services from York into the Vale of York, Howardian Hills, North York Moors and Yorkshire Wolds. The main catchment area of interest is that of York and its environs.

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