Green Walks grouped by Government region

Oban, where the north and central areas of Scotland meet

Economic regions

We have grouped the walks in the first instance using the UK Government’s economic regions, split into subregions as appropriate for practical purposes. After all, the regional boundaries are rooted in past administrations, and there is no point in clinging to the wreckage of the past. Our subregions are often based around postcode area clusters — postcodes have been built around lines of communication out from a central node, and are therefore better fitted to match current public transport networks than political boundaries of whatever era in which they were established (or worse, disestablished). Any political boundary or council area used or mentioned on this site will refer to today’s authorities: there is no place for fantasy addresses when you are trying to find somewhere on the map.

A walk will appear in every region and area it crosses, not just where its conventional “startpoint” is situated. Be sure to look across the boundary to neighbouring areas and regions while searching: these areas are referenced on each regional or subregional page.

Local areas and walk groupings

Some towns and cities find themselves to be natural hubs for exploring the surrounding area — Ambleside may be the archetype of the small town within a well-known walking area, but consider also Coventry and the like, where the transport network brings many walks within the scope of a day trip. Hubs are listed within each subregion.

In addition, we are building walks in areas grouped around “travel-to-walk” nodes and in logistically sensible groupings.

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