Beacon Way

Beacon Way

Length <60km
Max transport gap <10km

A 37km walk between Sandwell Park Farm and Gentleshaw.

Public transport is plentiful throughout.


The walk is described as linking Sandwell Park Farm with the Heart of England Way at Gentleshaw, and this is how I recall it in the 1980s. However, there is no current guide that I can find, and all the usual aggregators have the same map which stops where the lozenges on the map stop, at Brownhills West station on the Chasewater Railway (but they all still claim Gentleshaw as the northern terminus — herd nescience). A look at the Ordnance Survey map shows a footpath next to the railway to Chasewater Heaths station, then a route borders the north-east side of the country park to Biddulph’s Pond, from which footpaths lead north and then (beyond Sevens Road) east to Hayfield Hill, finally reaching Gentleshaw diagonally across the common. I am not certain that this was the original route, but the only other option seems to be to tramp Rugeley Road all the way through Chastown.

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