How do I use the site?

First and foremost, the site is a resource, rather than a repository. We build lists of walks (often sequences in a multi-day route, such as the Fife Coastal Path), and present them to you, grouped by region. Each walk on the list has a link to the most authoritative source we have, ideally that of the developer/guardian of the route, but possibly a guide-book.

Grouping the walks

Our first pass at grouping is to use the UK Government’s list of economic regions, splitting them into sub-regions for practical purposes (after all, if you are searching for the Carmarthen area, walks around Wrexham probably won’t feature in your keenest interest). We are also building a set of hub-based areas which may cross official regional boundaries — Southampton and Manchester are such, but we also have hubs such as Edinburgh, whose transport tentacles hardly leave the Scotland South-east region. Finally, there will be a few examples of walks which coalesce around a theme (such as Clydeside).


We have a running commentary of news and views (which would have been called a blog last century). This will have several strands, including

  • updates on the walks — temporary breaks/diversions in the wake of flooding, building works, etc.
  • discussion of walks grouped around areas and topics
  • focus on selections, such as the current interests of the Green Walks UK team members

These articles will be categorised into multiple groups, so it should be easy for you to filter them to match your interests.


Naturally, we have transport resource information, pointing to relevant links — we are not resourced to gather, maintain and present comprehensive information which is already available from operators and planning sites.

Disclaimer and advisory notices

Note that the team can accept no responsibility for content on an external site or in an external publication, nor for any action by an external site which renders our content or link outdated or unworkable. Furthermore, the team retains the liberty to unlink external content if, in its opinion, there have been changes which mean that a route may no longer be able to be considered a Green Walk (e.g., following changes to public transport services).

The responsibility for safety and security is vested in the walker alone: can take no responsibility for any inconvenience, damage, loss or injury sustained while using a route or other information from this site — many things can change without warning.

Images used in the site are either owned by our team members, or are subject to a licence-to-use held by These images must not be further used by any third party without the explicit permission of the team, or of the original image licensor. A small number of images are in the public domain.

We should be happy to learn of any changes to the line of a walk and/or its public transport connections, or to consider an image which you own for inclusion on the site, thus being granted a free and non-exclusive licence to use the image anywhere on its site. Please contact us.