Working on the matrix

I have recently begun to create public transport distance matrices so that one may discover stages of about the right length along a multi-day route. These are time-consuming, but should be useful. I have started with a couple of relatively easy ones (including the Essex Way, pictured), then tested my technique on some trickier ones.

A matrix with 25 points is about the biggest to fit onto a piece of A4 and still remain legible, so what do we do with walks which have more stops en route? I have tried to create overlapping matrices, starting the next about half-way down the previous, but keeping sensible boundaries. For example, the Saxon Shore Way has five pages, split

  • Gravesend to Faversham
  • Gillingham to Sandwich
  • Whitstable to Dover
  • Sandwich to Hamstreet
  • Dover to Hastings

It took me two days to prepare the Saxon Shore Way matrices, so I shall concentrate on those paths which have the most need. The Wandle Trail, for example, will be of low priority, because there is a bus or tram stop, or a railway station, nearby throughout the route.

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