Welcome to greenwalks.uk

The Essex Way near Wrabness on a bright summer day

Green in outlook, though perhaps using a different colour palette at times out in the open. The green lane on the Essex Way may use the orthodox colour scheme, but a Green Walk may slip between factory and canal on a brownfield site, or across a pale sandy tract.

We aim to gather routes from around the country: at first, the routes will reflect (in part) the experience of our small team, but we look forward to receiving recommendations (with authoritative links and descriptions) as we move ahead.

We look forward to working with providers (such as bus companies) to develop options and deals — seventy years ago, Ramblers’ Returns (add the day return fare to each end of your walk, and divide by two) were part of the railway establishment: technology has made it easier for operators to parcel out the costs and revenues for such deals for those journeys unserved by regional capping, as practised by Transport for London and elsewhere.

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